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Frequently Asked Questions
All of our products are handmade in small batches to ensure quality and freshness. We strive to produce products that feel luxurious and healthy for your skin. Our products do not contain synthetic preservatives or SLS, and are Phthalate free. For our animal lovers, we do not use animal oils or fats in any of our products. JC Fresh buys high quality & organic ingredients for our products.

Please read all of our ingredients. Our ingredients include nut and nut by-products (Shea butter), wheat by-products, corn by-products (corn starch), milk, honey and bees wax.

JC Fresh Handmade Quality Soaps and Baked Bath Salts FAQ: How is Handmade soap made?
In the cold process, the oils are heated and then lye is added, no further heat is needed. The saponification process converts oils to soap. The trick is that all the lye gets used up during saponification the process. The reaction transforms the oil and lye into soap that is rich in glycerin.

FAQ: How long is it cured?
Our Cold Process soap is cured for at least 4-6 weeks.

FAQ:Why buy Handmade soap?
Our soaps are rich in glycerin and lather beautifully. They are also filled with natural ingredients that are great for your skin. Many commercial “soaps” are actually detergent bars and are based on synthetic detergents. Companies will often skim off the natural glycerin to sell to cosmetic companies.

FAQ: Why should I use my Butters, Scrubs and Lotion bars within 6-9 months of the Handmade date?
Don’t wait, enjoy them right away. There are no synthetic preservatives added. We do add grapefruit seed extract and vitamin E which are natural preservatives. The shelf life is not as long as synthetically manufactured products. Soaps are the exception and will last much longer.

FAQ: How do you make your soap last?
After you have lathered up, place it on a soap saver or a soap dish so that it is not left exposed to water. This will also allow it to dry prior to the next use.

We hope you enjoy our products as much as we do!
Janine Child (the JC in JC Fresh)

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